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Sustainable Garden Planting

Sustainable Garden Planting

  • Location: Salford
  • Project Type: Green & Clean Community
  • Area: North West
  • Awarded: £1000
  • Status: In Progress 

Project Details

The Friends of Eccles Station have been working on clearing fly-tipped rubbish, rubble, weeds, overgrown trees and other debris from the station for the past two years. Train travel is the cleanest, greenest, cheapest & fastest form of off-peak public transport from Eccles to Manchester so the Friends aim to make the station a better place to travel to and from. A pleasant station will encourage more people to leave their cars at home and travel by train, and the more they travel by train, the better it is for the environment and the less chance there is of the station becoming neglected again. Now the Friends want to create a garden on the platform to lend a bit of colour to the once drab and neglected site. With their It’s Your Community award they will be able to buy plants, compost, topsoil and a retaining wall of railway sleepers. Artwork is planned and all materials used will be from sustainable/recycled sources.

Project Updates

  • 23/11/2009 We have continued our work (in between rain showers or so it seems) for the past year and now have gardens that attract attention and praise by rail staff and passengers alike. We have been told that "it is now a pleasure to stop at Eccles and see what's new."
  • 31/07/2008 We are making good progress with the planting: we have cleared 2/3 of the area and are gradually planting it up. We had a wonderful display of spring bulbs and now have some white foxgloves and nasturtiums putting on a display. We did have a setback when we had some small scale vandalism but the damage has been repaired and the plants are recovering nicely. Reminds us not to use stakes to support plants in the future! We have also been working on the opposite platform to produce some rather spectacular planted tubs with red geraniums. See our pictures in the project images section.