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Circus School

Circus School

  • Location: Brynaman
  • Project Type: Active Community
  • Area: Wales
  • Awarded: £1000
  • Status: Completed 

Project Details

When young people’s energies are not properly engaged, society complains. Therefore any effort to address the needs of under-challenged youth is to be applauded. Brynaman is an area of Wales which has had high levels of unemployment, an under-funded transport system and a youth centre which has been closed for eight months while being re-furbished. All of this had contributed to the increasing frustration of young people who have few opportunities and minimal provision for their needs. The Circus School is trying to address the situation by teaching circus skills which promote co-operation, teambuilding, concentration and co-ordination. The School has been running on Friday evenings and is well attended despite minimum equipment. The lack of equipment will soon be addressed by an It’s Your Community award which will be used for the purchase of circus paraphernalia such as unicycles, kangaroo stilts, fire diablos and fire staffs, jugging balls and juggling clubs. All of these things will improve fitness and communication skills, not to mention fun levels for the young people of Brynaman.

Project Updates

  • 30/10/2009 Well we think your wonderful.......because Kaos started with 1,000 from 02.....and we are now the biggest youth circus in wales! My post is now funded by the arts Council......and i have used my budget to employ another 2 of my volunteers.......and we have a large bid going in which would secure 4 full time jobs for three years!! so a quick mail just to keep you updated on what we have achieved since receiving that initial 1,000 on the 5th of october 2007! Thank you, Nicola

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